Who is Kakashi Hatake in Naruto Shippuden ?

Kakashi Hatake, you will know everything about the character. Where he comes from, his personality and the powers of this mysterious character of the Naruto series.

Kakashi Hatake, or the Merciless, has other nicknames. With this presentation sheet, you will know a little more about this cold and apathetic character.

Table of contents
Kakashi Hatake, general presentation
The origins of the copy ninja
Kakashi Hatake’s powers and techniques
Kakashi Hatake, general presentation
“Copy ninja”, “the Merciless” or “the Fratricide”, these are the nicknames given to Kakashi Hatake. He started to appear in the Naruto series from the third chapter of the manga series. He graduated from the Ninja Academy in Konoha.

He was born on September 15. He is male and is between 26 and 27 years old in the first part and between 29 and 31 years old in the second part (Naruto Shippuden). Kakashi Hatake’s height is 181 cm and his weight is 67,5 kg. Formerly captain of the Anbu, this exceptional ninja was the leader of Team 7 and assumed the role of General of the Third Division of the Shinobi Alliance.

The origins of the copycat ninja
This ruthless ninja was born into a family of ninjas. He is the only son of Sakumo Hatake, a fierce ninja from Konoha, who was more powerful than the Three Sannin. After the death of his mother, when he was a genin, it was his father who raised Kakashi Hatake. Sakumo Hatake had the ambition to teach his son the values of a true ninja.

When his son decided to save his friends at the expense of his mission, Sakumo said goodbye to his reputation as a hero of Konoha. The denigration caused both physical and mental problems for Sakumo, leading him to commit suicide. Please make sure to check the official naruto.shop website, if you like Naruto anime goodies they have plenty of them at affordable prices.

Kakashi Hatake learned an important lesson that day: always follow the Ninja Codes to the letter and earn the respect of his companions. On top of that, he put aside his feelings. This way of life allowed him to quickly rise through the ranks of the Shinobi community. At only 5 years old, he graduated from the ninja academy and at 6 years old, the boy was promoted to the title of chûnin.

Kakashi Hatake’s powers and techniques
First of all, Kakashi Hatake knows more than 1000 Jutsu. However, he also has a Sharingan eye, that’s why he is nicknamed “copy ninja”. Moreover, he has other techniques like :

Lightning Strike (Raikiri),
Thousand Birds (Chidori),
Fatal Decapitation Technique,
Tracking Fangs,
Water Dragon,
Genjutsu (Sharingan),
Kage Bunshin no Jutsu.

Kakashi Hatake (はたけカカシ, Hatake Kakashi?) is a character in the manga Naruto created by Masashi Kishimoto.

In the universe of the series, Kakashi is an elite ninja of the village of Konoha. As the leader of Team 7, originally composed of Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiwa, and Sakura Haruno, he is the first mentor of the main protagonists of the story.

Kishimoto had planned to introduce Kakashi much earlier in the story but finally delayed his entrance to give himself more time to work on him.

Initially described as distant and apathetic, his dedication to his friends and students is revealed throughout the series. His past is developed in six chapters between the first and second part of the series called Kakashi Gaiden. He appears in numerous spin-offs, including three of the four films in the series as well as all of the OVAs and in several video games. Kakashi also appeared in an OVA at the UNIQLO store in Paris on December 28, 2010, selling t-shirts from the series.

Kakashi received good reviews from sites specialized in anime, manga or video games. Although he is sometimes described as a typical shōnen manga character, the duality of his personality, both serious and casual, is highly appreciated by critics; T.H.E.M. Anime Reviews even going so far as to state that the series could have been renamed Kakashi. He is a popular character, regularly ranking in the Top 5 in the official Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine polls and is the subject of extensive merchandising including keychains and plush toys.

Masashi Kishimoto’s first intention was to introduce Kakashi in the second chapter of the manga, before the rest of Team 7. He was to be a powerful ninja, but relaxed and affectionate, and always ending his sentences with the Japanese polite formula of gozaru (でござる?). After talking with his editor, Kishimoto postponed his entry in order to better develop Kakashi as well as the rest of the 71 team. Despite this, Kakashi retained many of his originally intended personality traits, such as his phlegm, casualness and sleepy attitude. Kishimoto thought that he would be a perfect leader to keep the 7AB 2 team together.

When deciding on the name of the character, Kishimoto had several ideas in mind: Kuwa (クワ?, “hoe” or “mulberry tree”), Kama (カマ?, “fake”), Botan (ボタン?, “peony”), Enoki (エノキ?, “Japanese hackberry”), Kakashi (カカシ?, “scarecrow”). He finally opted for Kakashi2, the scarecrow becoming one of the symbols of the character. We can see it when Naruto uses a scarecrow to train the day before the first trial of the 73 team or in the background on the cover of volume 3.

Kakashi’s past is never discussed in the first part of the series. It is only in the Kakashi Gaiden, a set of six chapters located between the two parts of the series, that Kakashi’s past is developed.

During his youth, his father Sakumo Hatake, nicknamed “White Fang of Konoha” (木ノ葉の白い牙, Konoha no shiroi kiba?), a powerful Konoha ninja captain, chooses to save the lives of his teammates rather than complete a crucial mission, thus going against an overriding rule placing the success of the mission above everything else. Rejected by all the villagers and the companions who owed him their lives, he took his own life. Wishing to be cleared of his father’s dishonor, the young Kakashi is very attached to the rules, whether for himself or for his teammates, which makes him cold, distant and scrupulous about procedure4.

Shortly after his appointment as a jõnin, when he was thirteen years old, Kakashi’s master, Minato Namikaze, gave him a mission that was crucial for Konoha in its war against other villages5. When his teammate, Lin, was captured by enemy ninjas, Kakashi decided to abandon her to her fate and continue the mission. His other teammate, Obito Uchiwa, strongly objected, believing that those who abandon their friends are worse than anything else and that Kakashi’s father had only done the right thing in such a situation6. Finally touched by Obito’s words, Kakashi resigned himself and managed to rescue his teammate after a hard fight in which he lost his left eye7. Shortly afterwards, an enemy caused a landslide and Obito was crushed by a stone that fell on the right side of his body. Unable to free himself, Obito, knowing that he was doomed, offered Kakashi his unbroken eye with the Sharingan (which he had awakened during the fight)8. Kakashi and Lin were forced by the falling rocks to flee and leave their friend behind9. Some time later, although he promised Obito to protect Lin, she was kidnapped by the village of Kiri who made her the host of the three-tailed demon Sanbi. While Kakashi rescued her and brought her back, she committed suicide by putting herself in the path of the “Thousand Birds” of her companion attacking a pursuer, to avoid being the cause of a carnage in Konoha. Witnessing the scene, Obito, who survived and was healed by Madara Uchiwa, is seized with a fit of rage, kills the Kiri ninjas, and decides to help Madara to implement his “Eye of the Moon” plan. After Lin’s death, Minato, having succeeded Hiruzen as Hokage, decided to send Kakashi to the special forces (ANBU) hoping that it would ease his pain. Kakashi is in charge of protecting Kushina Uzumaki until the end of her pregnancy.

After Minato’s death during Kyûbi’s attack on Konoha, Hiruzen took over the position of Hokage, and decided to keep Kakashi in the special forces. According to a special arc of the anime, the latter meets Tenzô, a member of the Root, whose mission is to kill him and steal his Sharingan. Despite a stormy relationship at the beginning, Tenzô ends up joining the ANBU under the name of Yamato, and they become friends. Kakashi later sees Itachi Uchiwa joining the ANBU and takes him under his wing until he leaves. The day after the massacre of the Uchiwa Clan, Kakashi is summoned by Hiruzen who relieves him of his duties after 10 years of good and loyal services within the special forces, making him a new genin instructor. All the aspiring ninjas tested by Kakashi fail his bell test, until the day when he falls on the team 7, composed of Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura.

Part 1

Bells used to test Naruto’s team.
Kakashi Hatake is the jônin in charge of the team 7, composed of Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiwa. To test his new students, he makes them pass a test consisting in taking bells from him by force or by trickery. When none of the three students succeeded in their individual attempts, Kakashi told them that they would never become ninjas, because the most important thing for a ninja is teamwork. He decided to give them another chance and finally agreed to train them.

After this ordeal, Kakashi and his students are given D rank missions (consisting mostly of simple and low risk tasks) to start with, which annoys Naruto. The Hokage agreed to give them a C rank mission: to escort Tazuna, a bridge builder from the Land of Waves, to his home. However, the mission turns out to be more delicate than expected: Tazuna, for lack of money, had hidden that he was threatened by the multi-billionaire Gato, and they find themselves having to face ninjas. They are approached by Zabuza Momochi, a jônin deserter of the village of Kiri hired by the businessman. Kakashi wins the fight against this last one, but having used too much his Sharingan, he loses consciousness.

Having the feeling that Zabuza is still alive, Kakashi decides to train his students for the next confrontation. Two days later, Kakashi, Sakura and Sasuke go to the bridge to confront Zabuza and Haku. Naruto joins them but is trapped by Haku’s ice mirror technique like his teammate Sasuke. Naruto finally defeats Haku, who sacrifices himself to save Zabuza; the latter is nevertheless quickly put out of combat by Kakashi, but dies while sacrificing himself to kill Gato who was planning to have him killed once his mission was completed. Kakashi and Naruto routed the remaining bandits using “Multi-cloning”. After the death of Zabuza and Haku, Tazuna finishes building the bridge and names it “Naruto Bridge”. Kakashi and his students return to the village.

For the chūnin selection exam, Kakashi takes Sasuke under his wing. He seals the cursed mark that Orochimaru passed on to Sasuke, and teaches him the “Thousand Birds” technique, while training him to perfect his taijutsu. After the death of the third Hokage, Kakashi finds himself confronted, with the help of Asuma and Kurenai, to Itachi Uchiwa and Kisame Hoshigaki, two members of Akatsuki who came to get Naruto. He was defeated by Itachi’s “Lunar Arcana” technique; the two Akatsuki members were put to flight by the intervention of Gai Maito, and Kakashi had to spend some time in hospital.

Thanks to Tsunade, who became the 5th Hokage, Kakashi recovered. He interrupted a fight between Naruto and Sasuke which took place on the roof of the hospital of Konoha. Kakashi talks with Sasuke and advises him to give up his revenge against his brother who annihilated their clan. Soon after, Sasuke leaves the village to join Orochimaru, pursued by a team of genin, including Naruto. At the border of the land of fire, Naruto and Sasuke clashed; Kakashi, who went to look for them, found Naruto unconscious and alone: Sasuke had joined Orochimaru.

Second part
Following Naruto’s return after three years of training with Jiraya, Kakashi evaluates his two former students (Sakura was trained by Tsunade) during a new “test of the bells”, which they pass. Soon after, the three of them are sent to Suna where the kazekage Gaara has been kidnapped by Akatsuki. They leave together to pursue Akatsuki to rescue Gaara. On the way, they fight an avatar of Itachi Uchiwa created by Pain. When they arrive in front of one of Akatsuki’s lairs, they find Gai Maito’s team who takes care of freeing the way for them. They find themselves in front of two members of Akatsuki, Deidara and Sasori. While Sakura confronts Sasori accompanied by the grandmother of the latter, an old woman of Suna, Kakashi and Naruto pursue Deidara. Thanks to a “hypnotic kaleidoscope of the Sharingan” developed by the training, Kakashi manages to send Deidara’s remaining arm into a wormhole, and then to send a suicide blast of a clone of Deidara who manages to escape to another dimension. Weakened by the use of his Sharingan, he spent several days in the Konoha hospital; Yamato replaced him as the leader of Team 7.

Kakashi reappeared in the arc dedicated to Kakuzu and Hidan, two members of Akatsuki. He accompanies Shikamaru Nara, Chôji Akimichi and Ino Yamanaka to help them to take revenge on those who killed their master Asuma Sarutobi; he fights Kakuzu and destroys the first and last of his five hearts.

Some time later, when Sasuke Uchiwa defeated Orochimaru and set up his team to fight Itachi Uchiwa, Kakashi was sent on a mission with Naruto, Sakura, Sai, Yamato, Kiba Inuzuka, Hinata Hyuga and Shino Aburame to find Sasuke. Delayed by Tobi during the fight of Sasuke against his brother, they fail to find the young man recovered by Akatsuki.

During Pain’s attack on the village of Konoha, Kakashi faced Tendô, Pain’s main body, against which he finally died having exhausted all his chakra. After having discussed with his father in the in-between worlds, he was resurrected by Nagato.

During the “Council of the five kage”, he accompanies Naruto who tries to meet the Raikage to ask for Sasuke’s pardon. Following the defection of Danzo during the council, he was appointed Hokage by the other “kage”.

Following Sakura who is looking for Sasuke, he saves her who was going to be killed by the young Uchiwa, and not being able to convince his former pupil to give up his revenge, he decides to fight him, thinking that the presence of his former pupil among a criminal organization is due to a bad deduction from him. The intervention of Naruto, then of Tobi and Zetsu put an end to the fight.

Back in Konoha, Tsunade wakes up at the moment when her title of Hokage was going to be officialized by the daimyo of the Land of Fire.

Kakashi then participated in the fourth great ninja war declared by Tobi during the council of the five kage. He leads the division of close and middle distance fighters. He and his team faced Zabuza Momochi, the other six swordsmen of Kiri, Haku and other ninjas using kekkei genkai summoned by Kabuto’s “Reincarnation of Souls”. On this occasion, he became the owner of the “Chopper of Kiri”, the sword of Zabuza. Later, Kakashi and Gai came to help Naruto and Killer Bee against the six former jinchuriki summoned by Kabuto and Tobi. Thanks to Naruto who was able to take the complete form of Kyubi and to free the tiger demons from Tobi’s control, this one is obliged to send back the six demons in the statue. Naruto, with the help of Kakashi and Gai, manages to break Tobi’s mask, revealing his identity. Obito is then joined by Madara who managed to maintain the “Reincarnation of souls” and got rid of the five kage. Both of them make Jûbi come back to life and the fight starts again until the arrival of the whole ninja alliance. During the fight, Jubi gains in power, reducing to nothing all the attempts of the alliance to hinder him until Naruto manages to take away the control of the monster. After Sasuke arrives with Orochimaru and the reincarnated former Hokage, the fighting resumes; they attempt to destroy Jûbi, until Obito becomes its jinchūriki. Naruto and Sasuke face him together, helped by the Hokage. After a difficult fight, they manage to remove the tail demons from Obito’s body, and Madara takes advantage of Obito’s weakness, who has started a redemption process, so that Zetsu takes control of him and uses the Rinnegan’s resurrection technique for his benefit. He then sucks the nine tails demons, extracting Kyûbi from Naruto and Hachibi from Killer Bee.

Kakashi then teamed up with Obito who managed to regain control of his body by fighting against Zetsu who wanted to take his Rinnegan to give it to Madara and finally sided with the alliance, saving Naruto by sealing the Yin part of Kyûbi’s chakra stolen from Minato by Zetsu. Kakashi then helps Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura and a repented Obito in their fight against Kaguya Ôtsutsuki. After the sacrifice of his former comrade, Kakashi temporarily receives his Sharingan in order to help his students during their fight and after the victory over the latter, Obito appears briefly in his subconscious to bid him farewell and gets back his pupils.

At the end of the final fight between Naruto and Sasuke, Kakashi becomes the 6th Hokage and reinstates Sasuke to the village for his services.